Identity (2003) is a psychological thriller film which screenplay by Michael Cooney and directed by James Mangold who has Academy Award for Best Adapted with Logan (2017) which is an American superhero film. John Cusack (Ed) who is known with his The Grifters film, Ray Liotta (Rhodes) who is known with Goodfellas (1990)  and who has Primetime Emmy Awards, and Amanda Peet (Paris) who is known with 2012 (2009) are lead actors of the film. The film is about the dreams of a person who has multiple personality disorder.

On a rainy night, some oddities and coincidences lead to 10 people who do not know each other be stuck in a hotel. These 10 people have some similarities because their names have connections with each other and also their birthdays are 10 May. One of them is guilty who taken to prison and one of them is an old police officer. After a while, one of them is killed by someone who is unknown. All of them suspect from the guilty person and they begin to investigate this crime but murders continue during all night and they found room keys that have some numbers on the corpses. What is the mean of these keys? Can they get out of there? Who is the real guilty? What is the connection between each other? All of the answers waiting for you in the film. The film is 1:31 minutes and has a lot of frightening scenes so you can watch without getting bored. Have fun!

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