A Transformation From a Freak to Joker

A Transformation From a Freak to Joker

A Transformation From a Freak to Joker

Joker (Todd Phillips, 2019) is an antihero film released in September in Turkey and it received great acclaim. Joker is different from other Joker films because he is the main character and Joaquin Phoenix’s acting made it unforgettable. We have watched Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Jerod Leto before. However, Heath Ledger was most loved among all Joker characters for many people and he won Best Supporting Actor Oscar with his Joker character. After his Joker, most of people were curious about Joaquin’s performance. Nowadays, a lot of people sympathize with Joker due to the acting of Joaquin Phoenix, his hysterical laugh and excellent dances. Also, Joker’s sad life story that causes to transform of his from a freak to Joker provides that people sympathize with Joker. Although the results of his behaviors are very dangerous for society, we do not feel that he as a criminal, even we sympathize with the Joker. Because we know that these difficulties with his life lead him to become a narcissist, psychopath, and sociopath.

From Freak

There were a lot of reasons which are devastating for being psychopath, sociopath and narcissistic of Joker. Garbage and rats problem of Gotham city, absence of a dad figure in his life, genes that come from his mother who has delusional psychosis and narcissistic personality disorder, his problems with his job and traumas which exist because of abusing and neglecting when he is child… All of these problems have come up with every word which comes out his mouth, his every mimic which left a mark his exhausted face and his every movement which is a trace of his state of mind. His dream was being a comedian and make laugh people in this dark world. He was “happy” for his mother but he has never been happy his whole life. He has not known that he exists or not. Actually,  he felt vile and marginalized and his diary was a clue to we understand his feelings. He was thinking that his life was worthless and f**king tragedy. Even his hysterical laugh was giving pain to him but his face expression was explaining every emotion that he lives. However, he did not want to feel bad anymore and he wanted to touch people in a good or bad way, he just wanted to be noticed. He was taking help from a social worker who did not listen and understand him and he was taking seven different medicines but the government has cut its funding for both medicines and helping service. He fired from his job which he was a clown and he has learned realities about his mother. His shakings which exist due to anxiety; banging his head to wall; entering to fridge;  kicking garbage and sitting on the sidewalk; using gun; naked women photographs and some sentences which in his diary; talking to oneself; putting a smile on face with his hands…

All of them were some clues which show his anger for all humanity. Streets which he has walked alone and stairs which he has climbed wearily show how was difficult his life to endure. “The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.” This sentence shows that he knows that he has a mental illness and also he feels that people who are around his expect impossible things from him. He has wished to be appreciated only, we can understand his wish from his gazes but this did not happen and anymore he just was wanting that he is being closed to a hospital.

To Joker

Undoubtedly, the subway scene is the first stage which the process of being Joker of Arthur. When three bourgeoisie youngs were harassing to young woman, Arthur thought they are awful but his condition that is called “Pseudobulbar Affect” caused to he laugh unwillingly. He could not give his card to guys and he is kicked. He finally couldn’t resist and he showed his teeth. He has shot two of them and has chased the third guy. When he was catching, he shot a lot to the guy and he was dead but Arthur did not stop. We can see his facial expression when he has finished shotting. Firstly, he was shocked because he did not expect such a thing as murder. However, he just has felt that he exists and he has seen that he can be noticeable. There were a lot of emotions which he has experienced at that time. He was proud, afraid, happy, shocked and upset. We can see all these emotions on the face of Joaquin Phoenix. After he has killed these guys, he has gone to the toilet and has danced. This dance was like a meditation for him. He has looked at the mirror, lifted his arms and maybe he has thought the first time; I exist. He was this much stable for the first time, he has gone to Sophie’s home and has kissed her with happiness that is due to the feeling of existence. This was his turning point from a freak to Joker. Hildur Guðnadóttir’s music of the violin reflects his all pain which he has lived until this scene. When Sophie has said that person whoever he has killed these guys is a hero for her and when he has seen someone who wears a clown mask in a taxi, he has won the appreciation he always wants to take. The scene that Arthur has scribbled sentence “don’t forget smile” shows that he will never be the same again. When he has learned that he was adopted and reason for his this condition was Penny, we see that he has cried for the first time.

joker movie - A Transformation From a Freak to Joker
Joker (Todd Phillips, 2019) is an antihero film released in September in Turkey and it received great acclaim

The only person was holding him in his life was no longer there for him; Penny. He has strangled his mother at the hospital with a pillow. It wasn’t too weird for us he has killed Randall after he killed his mother. He has said that “I’m celebrating my mom’s death” and he has stabbed Randall a lot of times suddenly and unplanned. After he has killed Randall, he has continued to punch him. When he has calmed down, he sat on the floor with his bloodied face.  He did not feel any regret after the murder. He has tried to find decency of a father figure in Murray Franklin who he had hugged before. However, Murray was kidding with Arthur on his tv show.  He has accepted the offer of tv programmer, he has worn his Joker costumes and has made his Joker make up for the first time. He has known that anymore he was Joker, not a freak. Also, we see him dancing on the stairs where he has climbed tiredly at the former scenes. When he has come to Murray’s show, he has wanted that Murray introduces him as Joker. He has made a practice of killing himself for the show before, but he could not kill himself, he has killed Murray and he has known that anymore nothing can hurt him. Because he has was wishing people to see him. Because he was thinking that Murray deserves to killed as other people. Because he was feeling alone and as trash on the streets. Because, anyone has not seen him before. Because he was wishing to show to Murray that comedy is subjective. All of his these feelings, thoughts, and emotions led to he kills Murray.

We can see the streets are crowded and in confusion. People were not civil in the past but they have wanted to be civil, so an activist has killed Thomas Wayne who is “their only hope for poverty!”.  Finally, Arthur has stood up and danced, everybody was screaming for him admirably. He was really happy the first time his life and he has put a smile on face with his bloodied hands. He was Joker anymore for all people.


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